A Responsible Married Dude

Well, this makes Christians look like unhinged idiots.


Buttigieg is a responsible, civic-minded, dog-owning married dude, and a veteran. Pretty much the epitome of a “great American.” But these pontificating bigots regard the guy who pays hush money to porn stars as more representative of Christian morality.

3 thoughts on “A Responsible Married Dude

  1. The guy who is on his third marriage and has cheated on at least two of them (with their replacements, per court documents) is clearly not a threat to “traditional” marriage and “family values” (admittedly, he does provide jobs for his kids).

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  2. This dudes are just creating the opposite effect of what they intended! They give the guy they apparently despise a free press coverage and simultaneous make themselves look as a bunch of idiots.


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