Attorney General Barr has announced he will be giving a press conference before releasing the redacted Mueller report in order to give reporters a chance to ask questions about the contents of the report none of them has even read yet. Barr apparently didn’t invite Robert Mueller, the author of the report, or any other of its contributing attorneys, to the press conference (probably they were busy or something).

As with Barr’s unilateral decision to find Trump innocent of obstruction, his characterization of the legally authorized investigations prior to the election as “spying,” and consulting (strategizing) with Trump’s attorneys about the contents of the Mueller report before releasing them to Congress, the “far-left liberals” suspect that this press conference is yet another attempt by a planted Trump-loyalist AG to “steer the narrative” in favor of 45 and the AG is deliberately obfuscating the truth about his criminality. They actually think there’s a coverup occurring. Typical!

Fortunately, the report was coincidentally timed for release amidst the start of Spring break and the Easter holiday, so no one will be paying attention anyway.


Speaking of liberal paranoia:

“Everyone should read this book.” –Goodreads reader review

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