Dead or Merely Dying?

So, am I getting this right? The DOJ is controlled by an AG who is free to ignore lawful subpoenas (a criminal act that would put you or me in prison if we behaved similarly) because the person who would adjudicate any effort to pursue legal action against him is that very same AG? Similarly, the White House Is free to ignore legal subpoenas for Trump’s suspiciously concealed tax records or documents and testimony relevant to follow-ups to the Mueller investigation, which laid out meticulous evidence of ten incidents of obstruction (also a criminal act that would land you or I in prison) by the president, because the very people charged with enforcing compliance with those legal subpoenas are the people being investigated? All of this ultimately fortified by a laughable but widely believed fantasy, generated by various right-wing propaganda mills (Fox News, etc.), that “a deep state,” orchestrated by the Clintons (when not busy with pizza child sex slavery and giving away uranium to the Russians) and Obama (when not forging his birth certificate and praying to Allah to change the U.S. to a caliphate) and George Soros (when not busy paying crisis actors to enact false flag operations to take away all our guns) has orchestrated a “witch hunt” (enabled by those radical leftists in the FBI and “17 very angry Democrats” working for “very sick” RINO Robert Mueller) against our stable genius president, who has now surpassed a hundred judicial appointments of his loyalists into what remains of our court system?

As a nation that even pretends to follow the rule of law, is America merely dying or is it already dead?

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