Let’s Cut the Bullshit

1. Russia successfully interfered with the 2016 election.

2. Combined with James Comey’s provocative last minute announcement of the discovery of a new “trove” of Hillary Clinton’s emails (which ultimately revealed nothing) and Trump’s stopping negative publicity by paying, just before the election, hush money to women he’d had affairs with, Russian interference almost certainly tipped the vote in his favor in the three key states that provided his historically slender presidential win. Russian interference helped Trump win.

3. The FBI investigation into Russian interference and the Trump campaign was prompted by tons of suspicious behavior that would have been criminally derelict NOT to investigate. The story now being inserted into the public’s mind by White House propagandists that various individuals “spied” in the Trump campaign in the service of a “coup” is a lie, an attempt to deflect blame away from Trump.

4. Trump created the Mueller investigation when he fired James Comey. If he hadn’t done that, no Mueller investigation would have occurred.

5. The Mueller investigation showed clearly that a nation unfriendly to the U.S. interfered with the election (see 1 above). Trump and his campaign inner circle were fine with that. Trump is doing nothing to stop the same thing from happening again in 2020.

6. The Mueller investigation clearly shows multiple incidents of obstruction of justice by Trump. If Trump weren’t president, he’d been indicted, arrested, prosecuted, and probably convicted and sent to prison.

7. Obstruction of justice is a crime, and a serious one, regardless of whether one is convicted of the crime whose investigation the accused is said to have obstructed. To say otherwise is a lie.

8. Barr was hired as Attorney General to protect Trump. He stated Mueller’s reasons for not pursuing a criminal case against Trump were not based on the DOJ rule that a sitting president can’t be prosecuted. This was a lie.

9. Barr misrepresented the findings of the Mueller report and timed the release of those disingenuous findings so as to generate a “Trump was 100% exonerated” narrative before the (redacted) version was even released. He gave an unheard-of “press conference” immediately prior to the report’s release, making guiding statements about its contents and inviting questions from reporters about a document they hadn’t been permitted to read yet.

10. Barr is now continuing his role as propagandist for the president by issuing carefully-worded, well-timed statements regarding “investigating the investigators.” He is using identical language as Trump, saying he believes “spying” and a “witch-hunt” occurred, which, for the highest law officer in the country running the DOJ. a department that is supposed to be independent, is shockingly unethical.

11. Mueller’s message in his speech the other day was to tell the public and Congress that 1) Trump committed several crimes, 2) DOJ rules forbid prosecuting Trump for those crimes, so 3) Congress should (therefore) impeach him.

These are the facts of the matter and no amount of lies, spin, misdirection, false labeling, conspiracy theories, or “whataboutisms” can change them.

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