5 thoughts on “Maybe They Aren’t Actually as Freedom-Loving as They Claim

  1. I’m even not going to check it what they don’t like this time. All politicians are sick in the same bed once they’re in power. Yes, the democrats also; they’re the once who censured Frank Zappa and I bet that Hilary and the democratic leadership also don’t like Wikileaks.


    • Given that Wikileaks disseminated false information provided by GRU agents and Putin’s orders without questioning the information or its sourcing . . . it’s amazing *anyone* likes Wikileaks.

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      • The question was not if that information was true, but the ways and by whom it was obtained in combination with the timing of its release. The veracity of that information has been confirmed by the top of the previous democratic leadership, who has resigned in disgrace. What was that message? That the top of the party worked in collusion with the Hilary campaign to drive Bernie out of the primaries. They shot in their own foot, since the swing voters were clearly going for an outsider and they eliminated their own outsider by using some sleazy tactics.


      • Debatable.

        But also not the point. Mueller’s investigation uncovered the fact that the GRU was using Wikileaks to release fabricated information to influence the election. And Assange ok’d its publication without basic due diligence (of veracity and sourcing), thus damaging the credibility of both himself and Wikileaks.

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