Given Trump’s Recently Stating He’s Willing to Collude with a Foreign Government, Should He Be Impeached?

If ever we’ve had a president whose behavior deserves to be examined using the impeachment process, this is the one. Trump’s many “impeachable” acts have been so publicly visible and his literal crimes so clearly described in the Mueller Report that the outcome of the impeachment process should be a done deal. The man recently stated he would accept “dirt” from foreign governments against opponents in the 2020 election, a crime!

However, if the purpose of the impeachment process is to formally examine the evidence against Trump and to remove him from office if said evidence demonstrates this to be warranted, the impeachment process in this case is pointless because the process has been sabotaged. The GOP members of Congress are such cynical, hypocritical, cowardly degenerates they wouldn’t vote to remove Trump under any circumstances. They don’t care about the evidence. They don’t care if Trump has committed crimes.

Sure, impeachment is a “political process.” Articles of impeachment can be approved for behavior that isn’t even in violation of the U.S. Criminal Code. Some therefore claim the House Democrats are only engaging in “politics” with all this impeachment nonsense, so the Republicans are right to also engage in “politics” by stonewalling the investigations and if need be refusing to convict Trump. But in this case there is an objective reality external to politics, that is, Trump has by any reasonable analysis committed crimes both literal and figurative and shouldn’t be president.

So, should impeachment hearings begin? They should, but that doesn’t mean they must. Everyone needs to understand that the process will fail no matter what, and Trump will benefit by crowing (this time with an official Congressional stamp of approval) about exoneration and using the outcome to bolster his fantasies about a “coup” by the “deep state.” Prosecutors routinely decline to pursue cases against obviously guilty parties when they know they can’t win.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Given Trump’s Recently Stating He’s Willing to Collude with a Foreign Government, Should He Be Impeached?

  1. He’s riling up his cult to begin another civil war whose goal is to keep him in office beyond the constitutional 2 terms. I’m having a hard time imagining how this isn’t going to end with a convenient population reduction, just in time to temper the climate. And I’m an optimist.


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