Summer wouldn’t be valid these days without some bizarre meteorological phenomena. Last year, it was the two typhoons, one of which turned completely around and returned for a second go at the western coast of Japan and the other that veered in (seemingly toward my house) in a direction never before seen (this is not to mention the historic rains we had and the big earthquake in Osaka). This year, we have the novelty of the “invisible typhoon.” It was discovered the other day developing in Okinawa, a massive pressure system that has not reached official typhoon-hood but reporters are needing to treat it sort-of like a regular typhoon, with trajectory maps and projected weather warnings. This is the first time in 19 years I’ve seen this happen. Let’s call it the Ghost Typhoon.

The thing is scheduled to hit us, in whatever form it decides to take, about the time of the G20 meeting in Osaka, which is already occasioning various transportation issues because of security precautions.

As an aside, the pressure system is wreaking savageries upon my Ménière’s disease-afflicted right ear. I couldn’t walk in a straight line yesterday. The tinnitus is an airplane roar, everything is wobbling, and the day was filled with hair-raising surges of nausea and the Earth jerking suddenly under my feet, these symptoms always a sign of an impending Ménière’s attack, which means eight hours of rotational vertigo, non-stop vomiting, etc. This September, it will be two years since my last full-on attack. I’ve succeeded in controlling this condition through a strict diet and exercise, but this kind of weather always threatens to knock down the house of cards I’ve so carefully built and constantly attend to.

3 thoughts on “GHOST TYPHOON

  1. I can sympathize completely! Last year I ended up in the hospital overnight when the floor began to move, and the vomiting started. I was given a prescription for an anti-vertigo med and also an anti-nausea med, and two weeks ago when it all hit me again I took those two meds and forestalled the worst of it. It’s miserable! I hope you feel better soon and that you stay safe!


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