New FISH KARMA album to be released!

Official press release for the upcoming Fish Karma and/or The DeRailleurs album.

Question: What is the name of the album?

FK: The working title is “Full-Market Optimization!” Although I haven’t told the other chaps about it yet…

Question: When are where will it be recorded?

FK: This coming October, at the fabulous Waterworks Recording studio. I trust it will then be released on Alternative Tentacles Records.

Question: Is it true the album will be one long song, ala “Thick as a Brick”?

FK: Yes. It is true.

Question: Isn’t that commercial suicide?

FK: Yes. Yes, it is. Fortunately for me, one would have had to have experienced commercial success before commercial suicide was possible.

Question: Who are the musicians on the album?

FK: Dave Roads, Dante Perna, the Reverend James Hartley, and my pal Jim Nyby, who will be playing keyboards. Dave wrote the music, apart from a bit by Vivaldi. The kid is on fire these days! He’s a guitar maniac.

Question: Will you cover “Swap-Meet Women”?

FK: #### that #####ing song! Jesus Christ! Enough already!

Question: Did you know my favorite song of yours is “Swap-Meet Women”?

FK: ##### you! This ####ing interview is over!

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