This could be your daughter

Every parent should be shaking with fury at this news. The girl could be your daughter. You could be her father or mother.

Treating people this way is not what Americans do. This is not what Americans are.

This is not the America I grew up in.

This is a new America with

a cancer steadily metastatizing into the vital organs, into the brain.


“Government, please [use] your heart. Let my parents be free and everybody else. Please don’t leave the children with cryingness,” sobs 11-year-old Magdalena Gomez Grigorio in a news video. “I need my dad and mami. My dad … is not a criminal.”

Magdalena was one of scores of children apparently left abandoned after ICE raided seven food processing plants Wednesday in different towns in central Mississippi in the largest single arrest of immigrants in a more than a decade. Agents rounded up 680 men and women.

2 thoughts on “This could be your daughter

  1. It gets so much worse.
    1) There are no immigration courts in Mississippi, so they’re sent to other states.
    2) They have no right to a phone call, so can’t let anyone know where they are.
    3) The CEO who authorized 680 false SSNs and documents is facing no charges.
    4) The CEO is the subject of a class action lawsuit for $3.8 million in wage theft (from these workers). And was not arrested.
    5) The CEO is the subject of a suit for sexual harassment and assault (of these workers). And was not arrested.
    6) The CEO is a large donor to Trump’s campaign.
    7) This was planned for a year, and no efforts were made to take care of the children (who are U.S. citizens).

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