War Criminals and Child Molesters and Racists, no thanks, I’ll pass.

Politicians are politicians, but Democrats presently don’t court the favor of white supremacists and don’t blow kisses at dictators while treating our allies like enemies.

‘Let us think about two things at once that are perhaps one thing: the Republican Party’s attempt to prevent eligible voters from voting and their deep involvement in pursuing foreign money and support. It is at bottom a belief that money is the only citizen who matters, or money and power, a consequence of a political party that has, in an increasingly non-white and progressive-minded country, disdained to try to succeed by representing the will of the people. These are the acts of a would-be oligarchy with disturbing enthusiasm for oligarchs across the ocean, notably Putin and his Russian billionaires, and in Trump’s case also the authoritarians of Brazil, Turkey, North Korea, and the Philippines. And they are the acts of politicians who believe devoutly in the rights of corporations and hardly at all in the rights of human beings. As corporations have become increasingly transnational, their loyalties have followed the money.’

Anyone But the People: Rebecca Solnit on the Party of Trump’s Attack on Democracy

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