“Why do you think they did it?” she asked. “Bomb the church, I mean.”

“Someone doesn’t like Jessie’s politics.”

“But…like what about them exactly? Sorry, I’m new in town and don’t know anything.”

“She’s active in social causes. She’s trying to start a residential center for homeless teens.”

“Doesn’t sound so bad.”

“She also supports refugee rights, Black Lives Matter, and gun control.”


“A proud social justice warrior.”

“I suppose there’s nothing wrong with social justice.”

“Some crackpots think there is. They believe people like Jessie are part of a deep state globalist conspiracy to the destroy America.”

She offered him a weak smile. “Are you also part of the globalist conspiracy?”

Strait nodded. “I divide my time between opening our borders to terrorists and replacing the U.S. Constitution with Shariah Law.” He sighed. “So much evil to do, so little time.”

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