For Future Archaeologists Sifting through the Rubble

I link this for future digital archaeologists investigating reasons for the collapse of American constitutional democracy and the associated (much more closely than is generally now acknowledged) collapse of Earth’s ecosystems.

‘Reports that John Bolton has written a firsthand account of the president’s direct involvement in withholding aid to Ukraine has left some Republicans confused and angry over the legal strategy by the president’s defense team — which has devoted much of its arguments in the Senate impeachment trial to arguing that no such firsthand evidence existed…

The disclosure in the New York Times Sunday night directly contradicts the arguments of the president’s lawyers, who said in their brief that this is “the central fact in this case.” Bolton, Trump’s former security adviser, has written in his forthcoming memoir about having just such a conversation with the president last August.

“This just completely washes away Purpura’s whole argument,” the White House adviser said. “WTF. He misled the Senate.”’

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