Indefatigable Son

(breakfast conversation with my son, aged 9)
Daddy: I have a question.
Son: I’m cold.
Daddy: Eat your mikan and you’ll feel warmer.
Son: No, I won’t.
Daddy: You know that the word indecent means not decent, right? And improper means not proper?
(Son nods uncertainly)
Daddy: And you know the word “defrost” means “remove frost.” and the word “defrag” means “remove frags”?
(Son stares at Daddy)
Daddy: So you know the word indefatigable?
(Son shakes his head)
Daddy: It means tirelessly persistent. It means you keep trying and don’t give up. It really means “not fatiguable,” or “not capable of becoming fatigued,” as in you don’t get tired even as you keep trying hard to do something.
Son: I’m cold.
Daddy: The heater is on. I’m not cold at all. Anyway, my question is, if “indefatiguable” means “not fatiguable, why is it INDEfatigable instead of just DEfatigable or INfatigable? IN plus DE in front of fatigable should mean NOT NOT fatigable instead of just NOT fatigable, right?
(Son nods, takes a bite of his mikan).
Daddy: Why?
Son: The person who invented that word is pretty stupid.

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