Impeached Forever

Robert Mueller explicitly did not exonerate Mr. Trump and outlines ten clear instances where he committed obstruction of justice.

Trump asked a foreign government to search for non-existent evidence in support of a debunked conspiracy theory (he did this the day after Mueller testified, apparently emboldened by the belief he could get away with it) to deflect from Russia’s interference with the 2016 election that likely got him elected. He also asked a foreign government to investigate a political rival. Both of these are violation of federal law. He claimed he made these requests not for himself but for America, out of concern about Ukrainian corruption, yet he had never made any other requests or issued any concern about such corruption in the preceding years.

At every step of the way in the investigation of these crimes, Trump refused to obey legal subpoenas and instructed others to ignore legal subpoenas. Each time he did this, he committed a crime.

Trump repeatedly issued veiled threats at witnesses to these various crimes, which was in itself probably a crime, witness tampering.

Trump repeatedly attempted to expose the identity of the whistleblower who first came forward with information about Trump’s attempts to illegally pressure the president of Ukraine, also probably a crime.

The Senate refused to consider any of the copious evidence supporting the articles of impeachment regarding abuse of power and obstruction of justice, using laughable conspiracy theories and ludicrous, contradictory legal arguments, such as claiming the witnesses to Trump’s phone calls were all second-hand, while at the same time blocking testimony from a first-hand witness, saying it would add nothing. The impeachment of Donald Trump was wholly justified by his actions, but the trial was a scam, not a trial at all. Consequently, the finding of not guilty by the cowardly Senate Republicans does not in any way exonerate Trump but instead implicates said Republicans in the worst act of congressional corruption in many years, in the service of supporting the most corrupt president in American history.

4 thoughts on “Impeached Forever

  1. And, really, the Senate didn’t declare him “not guilty”, they just refused to a) remove him from office and b) refuse to block him from ever holding an elected office in the future. He’s still officially impeached (like Pres. Clinton).

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      • It’s a strange system. It’s structured like a trial (even if Mitch broke protocol and both refused witnesses and coordinated with the defense), but the Senate’s actually voting whether to remove from office and whether to bar the person from holding public office in the future (they’ve voted those separately for most of the last century). I think they might hold the “guilty/not guilty” thing first, and treat the other as sentencing-ish. Who knows with Mitch & Pence at the helm?

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