Stupid Libtard SJW Losers!

It has become fashionable amongst a certain class of people to offer snide remarks about “social justice warriors.” Superficially, that sounds right. To hell with those social justice warriors, how dare they, those loser PC libtards?

But wait. Isn’t social justice a good thing? Would you rather have social injustice? And “warrior” generally refers to someone who is willing to put their safety and security on the line for a greater purpose.

So, if you have been swept up by your peers in revelling smugly about those stupid Obummer SJW losers, remember that you’re attacking SJW losers like

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Mohandas Gandhi
Thomas Jefferson
Oskar Schindler
Samuel Adams
Nelson Mandela
Henry David Thoreau
Desmond Tutu
George Washington
Rosa Parks
Malala Yousafzai
Jesus Christ

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