Schools are Shut Down in Japan because of Coronavirus

In the past 24 hours, Prime Minister Abe closed all public elementary, junior high, and high schools through the end of March. Our son’s private school quickly followed suit. My university then cancelled the graduation and new student entrance ceremonies. Both Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan announced they will be closed from now until the middle of March. Stores have begun locking down alcohol-based handwipe liquid (commonly offered in front of many places in Japan) because people are stealing them. I went to the grocery store today to buy bleach and it was sold out. Update: Hokkaido just announced a state of emergency and said everyone should stay in their homes.

2 thoughts on “Schools are Shut Down in Japan because of Coronavirus

  1. There are hand sanitizer shortages in many places here in the U.S. I knew there would be no shortage here where I live because almost everyone here watches FOX News and believes either that the threat of coronavirus is a hoax or that the Trump administration is ensuring that the virus won’t spread. Haha! I was able to buy all the hand sanitizer I wanted today when I went shopping.

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