A New and Exciting Author

(Sorry, I didn’t say it)

When Moths Burn is an electrifying thriller packed with action and suspense…The writing is superb, filled with exciting descriptions. The exploration of the emotional and psychological parts of the characters reinforces the already strong sense of realism and humanity that permeates the writing…The short chapters are written in a way so that readers feel compelled to read on, curious about what could happen next. John Eidswick is a new and exciting author that will delight fans of crime novels and thrillers.

– Readers’ Favorite


Now, for one week only, on sale for a mere 99 cheap-ass cents (in the U.S., kindle version). You can also sign up for the bit Goodreads Giveaway Sweepstakes for a chance to win a copy (also in the U.S. only, Kindle version, sorry) for free!

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