I’ll Vote for Biden to Finish Trump

With all due respect and commiseration with Bernie supporters (of which I am one), if it comes down to Biden vs. Trump, I’d choose Biden in a heartbeat. And not only because of the myriad horrors manifested by the latter, but because of the near-certainty that Trump will, if reelected, commit atrocities far worse than he has so far, toward American democracy, toward the marginalized, toward our planet. If you like Trump and think climate change is a hoax and want the wall and continued tariff wars and all that, and think his pathological lying and abuse and contempt for the rule of law and his deafening racist dog whistles and fawning over dictators and contempt for science are wonderful, then by all means, vote for him. If you think Biden is actually as bad as Trump and would vote for a third party candidate instead of Biden, you might as well just vote for Trump, because functionally the actions would be identical. The math on this is pretty unambiguous. Biden has a better than even chance of beating Trump. Sanders has only a sliver of a chance. These are what the polls for swing voters from the key states are consistently showing. They aren’t evidencing any surge of young voters Sanders claims will offset the never-Sanders independents (if you think polls are “meaningless,” I don’t have anything to say because, in my small opinion, there is simply no solid basis for such a claim).

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