Don’t Listen to Mr. Morbidly Obese

Reminder: ALL of the outrages Trump has been communicating recently (slanders against Joe Scarsborough, the “War on Twitter,” Obamagate, etc., etc.), and all of the many that will come soon, are only intended to distract from his catastrophic handling of the pandemic.

He doesn’t want you to think about the Cambridge study findings that had Trump implemented social distancing measures one week earlier, 35,927 lives could have been saved, and if he had done so two weeks earlier (when he was playing golf and saying the virus was no big deal), 53,990 American deaths could have been avoided.

He doesn’t want you to think about that.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Listen to Mr. Morbidly Obese

  1. Despite it being a distraction, the “War on Twitter” is also an important one, in that it involves government attempts at interference in what is effectively a media outlet (whether we want to admit it or not, Twitter is an important means of disseminating information in the Digital Age).

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  2. US politics has degraded in two self serving clans who offer the voters a choice between a megalomaniac billionaire and a senile grabber. Which one of these two you want to entrust with the treasury and the nukes for the coming four years? A two party state isn’t a real democracy.


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