On the Inculcation of Toddler-think

The lesson many children are absorbing from this era is that if you find reality discomforting, don’t bother reflecting in your role in it. Instead, just claim noisily that reality is victimizing you, demand reality apologize, and when reality inevitably doesn’t, create a phony reality that fits more neatly to your worldview. In many cases, this sort of toddler-think manifests as drug abuse, but if you’re a wealthy sociopath who lucked into the presidency, it manifests as lawsuits against the legitimate press and kissing up to fringe propaganda mills.


‘CNN, like other major news outlets, uses a third-party polling firm to conduct opinion surveys. In a bracing riposte, the network’s general counsel, David Vigilante, rejected the Trump campaign’s request.

“To the extent we have received legal threats from political leaders in the past, they have typically come from countries like Venezuela or other regimes where there is little or no respect for a free and independent media,” Vigilante wrote. He added: “Your letter is factually and legally baseless. It is yet another bad faith attempt by the campaign to threaten litigation to muzzle speech it does not want voters to read or hear.”

On Wednesday, the chief executive of One America News, Robert Herring, offered an overture to the White House. Shortly after the Trump campaign contacted CNN, Herring wrote on Twitter that his network would be publishing a voter survey that Trump might find more palatable.

“@OANN will be releasing a poll concerning the 2020 presidential race,” Herring wrote on Twitter. “It looks as though it will be in favor of @realDonaldTrump.”’


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