The Man Who Sets Fires

Next time your opinionated MAGA uncle or gun-totin’ MAGA neighbor starts gibbering about how in 2016 the “deep state” was “wiretapping Trump” and trying to instigate a “coup” based on the “phony Steele dossier” or any of the other nonsense Breitbart and Fox News and Infowars have filled their heads with, remind them of this (linked) and, of course, the Mueller Report, both of which very clearly show that the Trump campaign established many suspicious ties to spark a legitimate investigation into its dealings with Russia.

A forest fire was blazing, and Trump was openly begging a proven arsonist to set the fire and he himself was publically and proudly brandishing a gasoline can and lighters, and he’s now claiming the firefighters who rightfully investigated him were guilty of treason for doing so.

‘Less than three months before the 2020 U.S. presidential election, the Senate Intelligence Committee published its fifth and final volume comprising over three and a half years of investigation, offering a rare bipartisan look at the sitting president’s exposure and vulnerability to compromise by foreign intelligence agencies through his campaign and connections.

The nearly 1,000-page report, based on hundreds of interviews and more than a million documents, is titled “Russian efforts to influence the Trump Campaign and the 2016 election.”’

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