The Looney Party

The GOP is officially the party of loonies and seditionists. Marjorie Taylor Greene actually has more support among GOP members than Liz Cheney. The Republicans actually gave MTG a standing ovation today!

5 thoughts on “The Looney Party

  1. One would have thought that the nightmare would finally end but apparently not. Never have I been so glad to not be an American as I am in this time. To imagine that you have a political party that is looking to go the rout of well I don’t want to draw too many parallel lines. However if they do not do something if this is allowed to continue I fear what will happen. A war between the states this time around would not be just gun fire and grenades. Once more back to watching the train wreck that is the legacy of……
    Have an awesome day 🙂

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  2. I guess some slender comfort can be drawn from the appalling, ludicrous, seditious train wreck the GOP has decided to become: they are solidly in the minority, and many thousands are leaving because they don’t want to be associated with hateful idiots with poor critical thinking skills.


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