Bee Sentry

I was walking this morning and encountered this bumblebee that was just hovering over the no-cars-permitted road. For a solid three minutes it hovered beside me, moving in and out from the space just in front of my eyes as though trying to figure me out. I finally continued on my way to the home center and bought some stuff. When I returned, the bumblebee was still there. It swooped back in and hovered again in front of my face, as though in greeting.

8 thoughts on “Bee Sentry

  1. I love this story! Because we have CARPENTER BEES who have similar behavior. They’re big and black and shiny, and you’d be scared of them if they weren’t so lovable!–they hover in front of your face like they’re saying, “HEY! I’m just checkin’ you out, cuz I live in that log over there.” They don’t hover by your knee, or your shoulder–it’s always in front of your FACE, like they know you see with your eyes, and that’s where they can get your attention. I love those bees. When I get a visitation I feel like a friend has come by to say hello.

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