Mid-Cycle Spotting

In the mid-term election, most of Trump’s endorsed candidates have gone down in flames. Because of his endorsements, “The Red Wave” has turned into (in the words of many smart meme-making women this morning) “The Mid-cycle Spotting.”

His biggest “win” is ass-kisser JD Vance. In the AZ governor’s race, Trump’s endorsed candidate, telegenic fascist Kari Lake, should have easily clobbered the unexciting Dem who refused to debate her, but instead it’s a toss-up. In Georgia, a run-off election will have to decide whether Trump-endorsed serial liar Herschel Walker, who can’t seem to recall how many children he has, much less the abortions he paid for (maybe a connection exists between these two phenomena), will win over Raphael Warnock.

While GOP control of the House was pretty much a foregone conclusion months ago, Dems will almost certainly retain their control of the Senate.

That’s it. That’s all Trump has to offer the GOP.

Except for his renown at being a rare one-term president. Who managed to lose both the House and Senate to Democrats, get impeached twice, and to face multiple serious criminal investigations, at least two of which will probably result in indictments.

Will the GOP continue to prop up this gasping blowhard as its leader? Of course it will. ‘Cause no one is better at ”owning the libs.”

2 thoughts on “Mid-Cycle Spotting

  1. I live in Georgia. My sister-in-law taught Herschel Walker when he was in high school. In the early 1980s when Walker was playing football for the University of Georgia, she told me that he was functionally illiterate when he graduated from high school. She said he could not read, but teachers were told to pass him because he was going to be a football star. Anyone listening to him speak can tell he has bricks for brains, but he may win because everyone around here worships at the altar of University of Georgia football. I do not understand why anyone would vote for him rather than Raphael Warnock who has a Ph.D. and has already done so much during his time in the Senate.


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