Is Trump an Intergalactic Lizard?

Okay, so

1) only months after a report by an independent investigator showed Trump encouraged Russian interference in the 2016 election (in the form of, in part, hacking into H. Clinton’s emails), he encourages Ukrainian interference into the 2020 election (in the form of pursuing an investigation into likely imaginary corruption by J. Biden’s son).
2) New Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who is widely seen, even by members of Trump’s own administration, as “a reformer elected with a mandate to stop both Russian aggression and the political corruption that has long plagued the country,” has spent months attempting to deflect Trump’s pressure to investigate Biden.
3) this culminated in a meeting between Trump’s denture-ridden lawyer Giuliani and Zelenskiy aid Andriy Yermak, as well as a phone call between Yermak and Trump.
4) During these interactions, U.S. military assistance was dangled as a condition for cooperating with Trump’s desire for “dirt” on Biden, triggering alarm in both administrations for obvious reasons.
5) In August, military aid to Ukraine is delayed because Trump has “great concerns about issues of corruption” in Ukraine.

I’m not religious, but is there just the slightest chance Trump is the AntiChrist? Or perhaps one of those lizard aliens passing as human to ultimately usher in an intergalactic invasion?

Just “Putin” it out there!